We try to capture the beauty and spirit of everything we photograph, be it an apartment, restaurant, yacht, villa, hotel or other residential or commercial property. Every assignment is taken with full dedication and treated as project. Whether your project is simple or complex, here are some tips and guidelines that need to be followed.

CALL AND ARRANGE THE ASSIGNMENT – Please call to discuss the project in general. Though we have lot of experience, we need to know more about your property and fit the project into our schedule. Assignments that require overnight travelling might need special attention regarding accommodation and transfers for photographer. You might also be interested to receive rough estimate on costs. Further details may be arranged via email.

PREPARE YOUR PROPERTY – Property needs to be prepared before photographer arrives to it. There are many tips that we can give you depending on the type of the property itself, but in general it needs to be clean and clutter free. Remove personal items if there are any. Prepare props like flowers, wine bottle, fruit bowl, small soaps, towels, etc. If needed, arrange all furniture the way you want it to be presented. If you have swimming pool, have it cleaned and filled, with outdoor furniture in place. If you have any concerns about state of the property, please talk to us. We have lot of experience and might advise you on best course of action.

MIND THE WEATHER – Weather can have major influence on photos. Usually we do not work at all in bad weather, except in fully closed interiors or during specific assignments. For planned overnight assignments, keep in touch with photographer about weather forecast.

ABOUT PHOTO SESSION – Photographer will arrive to your location at agreed time. Have one person on site, ready to assist with arranging property details and lights. Time needed for session is directly related to size of property. Some general guidelines:
- Apartment or similar smaller unit – about 1 hour
- House or villa – 3 to 4 hours. For high-end villas, one full day is recommended
- Properties with multiple apartments and additional facilities like restaurant, etc – 4 to 5 hours
- Hotels – depending on the size, roughly 4 to 6 hours for small, or 1 to 2 days for large hotels
- Some more time is needed for surrounding areas

RETOUCHING PROCESS – Once the photography session is complete, it will take another day or two to process and retouch photos of your property.

DELIVERY – Once the retouching process is complete, you will get your photos over the Internet, on disc or USB stick.